One Month Left

Frightening as it is, I must update the blog to commemorate the one-month marker. A month from yesterday will be my last day of the RU program…although it will not actually be my last day in Spain. I have a vacation planned with my flatmate, Ana. We’ll be going to the north of Spain hopefully to Oviedo to meet Mom’s old host family and to Basque country to San Sebastian. More about that when more materializes.

I haven’t got much to say. I’m starting to have to study for my exams. I’ve been going to class and everything but I’ve got to really buckle down and review all the things I have supposedly learned over the semester. The good thing about having to study is that a whole bunch of other things that were formerly the objects of my procrastination are now getting done! I’ve been organizing papers, going through things and throwing stuff away in preparation for the task of making my entire life fit inside a suitcase, a duffel bag and a backpack. Should be fun!

It’s been getting warm here, but not quite the hot I expected. I’ve heard that there will be some kind of inferno here when summer really hits, but I have long been suspicious of Spanish perception of temperature. It’s currently warmer in New Jersey than in Spain. I thought it would be really hot here by now. Ah well. I’m not really complaining. This way I don’t have to buy a fan and then figure out what to do with it when I leave!

Sorry this was a boring entry. I’m just hanging out in Valencia these days with my friends. It’s calm and I like it this way.


One response to “One Month Left

  1. Holidays
    Yay! Basqueland! If you are there during San Fermin, you should go to Pamplona! I think it is around July 6, if you have finished classes by then… dammit reading this site makes me miss Spain!
    Have fun Ruthie, hope to catch up soon!

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