Almost There…

I’m not trying to rush things along because I do want to enjoy every second that I have left in Spain…but I could definitely live with skipping these next few days so that my exams would end and I wouldn’t have to do them. I just had my first exam this morning for my Women in Antiquity class (La mujer en la antigüedad). I definitely studied extensively for it, but in the end the exam was short and the questions on it were not what I was expecting. I couldn’t have anticipated anything too specific because there was no study guide or anything, so I was left to review everything as well as I could and try to make educated guesses on where to focus. I had the concepts down and even was able to make a decent attempt at identifying an author with some vague chance of it being the correct answer, but some things I just didn’t know…but rather than leave those blank, I wrote that I would tell her something else I had learned in the course instead. This was Mom’s two cents–if you don’t know what she’s asking, tell her you don’t know and offer something you do. The worst that can happen is that it won’t count…a blank space wouldn’t have counted either. There’s always a chance she’ll take it.

Tonight is la noche de San Juan…which is definitely the saint day of at least half the city and it is also the Saint day of the king of Spain: Rey Juan Carlos. Good times. There is a VERY big party tonight on the beach and I mean to enjoy it and get this exam off my chest. Tomorrow it’s back to the books to prepare for my last exam that I will sit on Friday. Can’t say I’m really looking forward to it, but I don’t think it will be quite as bad as the exam I just took. I know more or less what is going to be on it AND I have people with whom I can study. I study best when I talk stuff out. I didn’t know anyone else in my women in antiquity class. So we’ll see. I’ll be happy if I get C’s. I’ve learned way more here in Spain than the silliness I just had to spit out from class.

I’m going to give myself a break now, but first I want to draw attention to the fact that I have linked several blogs on the left of this page. They are the creations of various friends of mine who are/have been studying abroad and they are extremely interesting to read. I especially want to make note of the link entitled Ana’s Blog from Valencia which is actually authored by my flatmate and native Spaniard, Ana. If you read Spanish or want to start, check out her blog. Not only is Ana an extremely talented writer and brilliant student, but she has been one of the absolute most important people in my life here in Valencia. Although she is quiet and is always sealed in her room studying :), she has taken us all under her wing this semester and proven herself to be unmatchable for patience and an indispensable source of encouragement, knowledge, and sisterhood. I have probably learned more from her than anyone else during this past semester and hers is the face that I will forever associate with this country. It is she, out of all the people I’ve met and things I have learned, that I will always remember and she will keep me coming back when all other memories have faded. I am not sure she fully understands how big an impact she has had, and I don’t think I will ever find enough ways to thank her for all she has done for me. Click that link.


2 responses to “Almost There…

  1. Kudos to Ana!
    I hope that Ana is reading your blog! What a wonderful testimonial to the receiving end of the exchange student experience!
    Thank Ana for me, too!

  2. : )
    Eres totalmente increíble. Has conseguido dejarme sin palabras.
    Soy yo la que debe agradecerte todos estos meses que has compartido conmigo. He tenido mucha suerte de vivir justo a tu lado. Y no tengo ni idea de lo que haré cuando te vayas 😦
    Tus padres son encantadores; muchas gracias por todo lo que dicen.
    Te quiero (hasta la luna).

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