As Time Goes By

Time is really flying now! I’m not sure where it’s going but I hardly have time to blink before a week has gone by and already a new round of readings and assignments is waiting to be done. I am hopelessly behind on my reading, but that isn’t anything unique to the Australian university system–I always have too much reading to do and not enough time/drive to do it. My life has fallen into a routine here alarmingly fast. Although I have been bouncing around the city/state already, after last weekend at home it already feels like ages since I’ve been away. My time is spoken for though. I have plenty to keep me extremely busy until September and that’s without getting addicted to more pleasure reading books…which I have taken to doing lately. I’d rather do that than spend all my time chewing steadily away at my internet quota though. I think it’s better for me to waste time reading while procrastinating than waste time on the internet. The lesser of two evil forms of procrastination.

I am babbling, but routine, while it gives structure to my days and weeks, does nothing for my blog entires because there is only the same monotony of events to report. When I go places there is a way to know what to say, to know what would be interesting to my family and friends who expect blog entries on a semi-regular basis. Perhaps I will settle for reporting last weekend’s tame events and expressing my excitement for events that are yet to come.

Last Thursday was our formal invitational dinner at the college/residence/dorm in which I live. It was for all the new students, which effectively ensured that the majority of the crowd was of the international student variety, but some Australians had slipped in there too. Representation from certain countries were asked to speak about their respective places of origin and as a result, several of my friends took the microphone to say a few words and present a few facts about the places from which they come. I thought the best thought-out was the Denmark-Germany duo who consisted of my next door neighbor, Ditte, and my other friend Alex, presenting facts that were truly interesting and compared Denmark and Germany to each other. It was an inspired spin off the traditional, boring, factual speeches and they even went one better and included categories such as Men and Marriage, and Pigs and People. The best fact that I learned was that in Germany there are three people for every pig and in Denmark there are three pigs for every person!

The appealing thing about formal dinners besides getting dressed up (which for the Scottish students meant wearing their kilts, which was adorable…I mean extremely manly!) was the fact that the food was GOOD. The food is always nice here at college, especially because it is included, meaning we don’t have to pay for it as we get it which makes it FEEL like it’s free even though it’s not. The food is varied for the most part, and even though I think they overcook the pasta and don’t have muesli nearly enough in the mornings, I get along quite well and I eat much healthier here than in Spain. So what I’m saying is that the food at formal dinner is REALLY GOOD–it was fancy and tasty and they served us wine and champagne as well. A good night for victuals.

The night was over early and so we changed out of our party clothes and went to a club/bar called GPO to dance it all off. That was really fun even though I could have done with a change in music. It was good to dance and once again, I had a lot of fun going out when I was back same and comparatively warm in my room by 1:30am instead of preparing to go out by that time.

Friday was uneventful and class-free, so I used it to do a bit of reading preparing for a Saturday devoid of studying. Saturday was the International House Soireé. The International House is another residence on campus like the one in which I stay. The Soireé began at 11am and ended around 5pm…not SO much a Soireé, which should take place in the evening as one person with a little too much knowledge of French pointed out, but it was still a good time. I met Sam and Kevin there. They were my main guy-friends during high school in Australia and I was ridiculously excited to be able to track them down and hang out with them. It turns out that they live a few minutes away from each other (something the two of them didn’t really know) and they hadn’t seen each other in a while. Sam and I mostly hung out and mingled with people as Kevin randomly vanished and proceeded to win a game of chess against a master. I had a good time and met a bunch of people in college via Sam who conveniently lived in my college for the past three years.

Sunday was calm, and not very exciting and that brings me to yesterday which was both mundane and productive. I got a lot done and began an addicting book that I finished today. That’s my life right now! I’m constantly taking it in turns to tackle and shy away from the things I need to be doing, but still manage to have a good time in the interim. Some of the exciting things coming up include my mid-semester break…which I should really start planning…A hopeful weekend to Sydney to see Nicola, my trip to New Zealand in November and Mom’s visit in December! All that is coming sooner than I think, so I really better get cracking!

Time to tidy up my disorganization and head to bed! Good morning USA and good afternoon Spain!

Oh PS–do not be alarmed at the change in My Photo Journal layout. I think this one will be better.


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