August: The Fastest Month Against All Odds

I am amazed at how quickly August has come to a close. I do need to stop being surprised at the passage of time, but it seems to me that August is the month that always passes the quickest. When I’m in the northern hemisphere it’s probably because it’s the last month of summer and I start scrambling to take advantage of the puny month I have left to enjoy the sunshine and relative calm before school starts again. I suppose last summer working in the Recruitment Office preparing for the influx of first year students does NOT qualify as relative calm, but the month flew past anyway. Yet this year the situation is entirely different. This is the first full month of the regular semester. I have had assignments to do. I’ve done my best to stay home this month with the exception of the weekend to Noosa at the very beginning…but that was to further my surfing education. It was certainly WORK…albeit fun work. So although this year August looks more like February school-schedule-wise, it is still the month that has gone by the fastest. Maybe it’s just August. maybe it’s my imagination.

A shout out to my brother Daniel is required here. It is his birthday today. I won’t tell you how old he is turning because he probably wouldn’t like that very much, although I think his habitual aversion to birthdays is silly. Getting older isn’t that big a deal and my grandparents are proof that just because you get older it doesn’t mean you have to stop living an exciting life. Those of you who know my grandparents will understand instantly what I mean–they are the most active, adventurous and most interesting people ever, and if I started describing why this post would be as long as the rest of my blog combined. I will just say that if I have anything near the life they have when I am their age, I will consider myself extremely fortunate. They are an inspiration and I brag about them all the time. The point of bringing them up (besides the fact that they are awesome) is to remind my brother that extra years make you stronger and more interesting if that’s the way you choose to treat them. Happy Birthday Daniel.

So I haven’t done an extraordinary amount since my last post. The weekend was tame. On Friday night a bunch of the international students watched Jurassic Park in my neighbor Ditte’s room. I had never seen it before because I was always too scared. I laughed through it this time and got really angry at how stupid all the characters were. It was a good night. Saturday was Morgan’s birthday but his parents were visiting him from Coffs Harbour, so he wasn’t around until evening. I read most of the day Saturday and then went to try the pizza place on campus for Morgan’s birthday. We went out to the Brew House in Brisbane city a little later that night. The band played really good music for the first hour we were there. It was a nice atmosphere but I was pretty tired, so when Alex had to leave in order to get enough sleep for his exam coming up, I left with him as well. The rest of them stayed on, but I was happy to go to bed. I’m boring, perhaps, but it’s alright. I had a good time.

Sunday was uneventful, spent reading. Monday I read as well and ran a few errands before deciding to go to the capoeira school that is located in West End. It was a REALLY hard class for me, but I stuck it out and it ended up being fun. I was too chicken to play in the game at the end of class…shameful. I don’t know how much I’ll be going to those classes. I think I’ll just stick to the university ones. They’re more convenient. It was a good experience to go one time though. It was certainly a workout.

The rest of my week is not going to be too eventful. I think I’ll be going to a jazz club tonight with a friend and then there is the college formal on Saturday. I wasn’t going to go to this prom-type dance but then it turned out to be a good value, and I already had a dress to wear. It should be a fun night, and I’ll definitely post about it after it occurs. For now I sign off. This entry is kind of tame and there is no promise for it to get more interesting. The future holds some excellent entries though, so stay tuned.


One response to “August: The Fastest Month Against All Odds

  1. Just wanted to drop a note to say hi 🙂 I always enjoy reading when I get the chance!
    I start school in the AM (day 1 is an inservice, no kids yet) but obviously I still feel that sleep is overrated. You, of anyone, would likely understand this.
    Love! -nks

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