School Daze

I didn’t write last week at all because I was sick pretty much the entire time. I figured that trying to write a blog entry while coughing and sneezing would yield less-than-desirable results. Frame of mind is important in blog writing and reading a list of the silly complaints of a person with a bad cold makes for bad reading.

As it is there is not much to tell about my goings and comings aside from a visit from my friend Lucy from New Zealand and the college ball to which I alluded in the previous entry. My friend Lucy who is a former exchange student to the USA happened to be on holiday with her boyfriend on the Gold Coast. Since she was so close by and they had hired a car, Lucy really wanted to get up to see me. We arranged for her and her boyfriend, Ryan, to come up on Friday for lunch and I took them to a local restaurant called A Salt and Battery. It’s a fish and chips joint that is very popular and with good reason. I had a salmon burger that was very tasty and Lucy and I were able to catch up. It wasn’t a long visit but I showed them around the UQ campus a little bit and we chatted about the people we knew and what we’d been up to. Lucy had just returned from a trip back to visit the US and so had seen my mom more recently than I had. She told me about her visit and insisted that I come to visit in New Zealand when I go there after the semester is over. I’m excited for that trip but I have plenty to do before I can think about that one.

The next day was the college’s Great Ball of Fire. It was the theme because the night coincided with a river fire festival in which synchronized fireworks are set off along the river to a musical soundtrack. The ball was fun, but fairly standard formal dance material. Everyone got dressed up, looked nice, took pictures and danced. I’m actually surprised at how few pictures I took that night. I must get back on my game in terms of picture taking so I can better update my photo journal. I have gotten numerous requests for more photos. I’ll work on that. The ball was about a half an hour outside our suburb, but we could see the river fire from the balcony. I’m actually not entirely sure where it was as college provided buses both to the formal venue and to the after party. I split a cab with friends to get home. Included in our ball ticket besides the venue and the transportation was a three course meal, five standard drinks, entertainment and admission of course. I had fun with my hair that night even though it’s short, and I really enjoyed meeting some new people that live in college with me. Everyone looked lovely. The bar we went to afterward for the after-party was crowded with people who were at the ball, but also just regular patrons, so we were all dressed up and everyone else was in plain clothes. My friends and I ran into a woman who had actually attended our residential college about 15 years ago and had attended the very same ball that we were celebrating. She was excited to reminisce.

I got back late, slept late the next day and did a bit of work on some assignments. I woke up with a sore throat on Monday and spent the rest of the week resting, watching movies and finishing an assignment that was due on Friday. I am feeling MUCH better now, though I’m still taking it easy, and I’ve started doing some major research so I can get a very large paper done before the midsemester break. I am looking at a few weeks without anything due so I have plenty of time to work on it and get most of it done. My blog entries are bound to be a little bland until October, but then they’ll pick up.

Yesterday was Father’s Day in Australia, so Happy Father’s Day everyone!
As usual, thanks for reading.


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