A Small Pat on the Back

Hello Faithful Readers 🙂

I would like to draw attention to some recent tweaking of My Photo Journal, the link for which, as you are probably already aware, can also be found on the left-hand navigation. This is not the first time I have restructured the way my photo album presents itself, but this IS the first time I have actually done a good job. In the first design there was far too much scrolling. The previous layout was not consistently symmetrical and did not have understandable navigation techniques. With the new design (for which I can only take credit for choosing, not creating) these problems have been solved. There is an equal amount of albums and photos on each page and the navigation can be found at the top, right-hand corner of the page.

The most consistent problem with my photo journal in the past has been that there was never a link to get back to this page–the blog. Now, thanks to my extreme capacity for nerdy activities, I have written a link into the title bar of the page with all the galleries on it. You can now click the link, right under the new and improved title "Ruth’s Life in Pictures," that says "Return to Blog," and it will return you to the blog! This was such a very exciting ten minutes for me that I simply had to share it. now my electronic media of self expression are linked both ways and everything finally makes sense.

I hope you enjoy the improvements. Thanks for putting up with this little, self-congratulatory rabbiting on.


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