The Gift of Time

Historical Archaeology got out early today and I have effectively been given a present of two hours. I think time is one of the coolest presents you can get. It’s not always an easy present to give either. So I guess I’ll update my blog with some of this gift. Life has been restored to normal and mid-semester break already seems a faint memory. I am facing the uphill slog of approaching exams, but all my large assignments are behind me, so I’m in a comfortable between period that consists mostly of catching up on reading. This is the second to last week of classes. Literally all of next week will be exam review, so I pretty much only have one day of real class left–Thursday. It’s pretty sweet actually. Except for the semester ending actually means I have to start thinking about getting all my stuff out of college and up to Cairns so it can be sent home. That is never a pleasant task. There is only a month until I am free and on vacation once more!! 

So here is the rundown: 
24 October: Last day of classes
25 October – 31 October: Swat Vac = Reading Period
4 November: Australian History final exam
5 November: History of Music from Elvis to Madonna final exam
6 November – 11 November: In Cairns to drop off stuff, hang out with Australian "parents" and study for last exam
15 November: Historical Archaeology final exam
16 November: Fly to New Zealand

So that is how the next four-ish weeks will play out. I will provide a subsequent holiday schedule as the time draws nearer, but let this be a partial explanation for possible blog-related events. Either I will write even less than usual because of a profound lack of anything particularly interesting to say. Or there is the far more likely scenario of an increase in blog entries due to a desire to procrastinate from doing my studying. It could go either way.

It rained all last weekend and so I didn’t do anything much except buy my flights to Cairns and New Zealand and lament about how laundry was impossible because the lines were drenched. Then yesterday I got my laundry done. This is thrilling stuff here. The weather is getting more summer-like, so it’s time to pack away those winter clothes and slather on the sunscreen. It’s surreal.

Anyway I’ll sign off now because anything further would just get lest interesting. I’m still waiting on my absentee ballot. Someone tell New Jersey that I want to exercise my right to vote! Enjoy the rest of October everybody!


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