Halloween is NOT Big in Australia

Just putting this out there: for today, LiveJournal has changed its banner to read "Undead Journal" with silhouettes that suggest zombies and lots of runny blood and stuff. It is awesome. I love Halloween. 😀 However, Australia does not. It is not a popular holiday here even though there are some kids who go trick-or-treating and there was this one guy dressed as a giant, scary, gray bunny in the dining hall today. He was the ONLY one dressed up and to this second I do not know who it was. I dressed up this morning with a friend of mine from Wisconsin and we went around college "reverse trick-or-treating." That is to say, we walked around knocking on doors handing out candy instead of demanding it. Victoria was a Zombie Party Girl and I was Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Showers. I had a blue shirt with cotton ball clouds all over it and I was carrying around a water gun :-D. It was fun, but most of the Australians gave us weird looks and obviously did not understand the appeal in such activities. To be fair, neither does my mom…so it’s not exclusively an Australian thing. Some people just don’t care about Halloween. They all enjoyed getting some candy (they’re called "lollies" here though) because it is currently swotvac and everyone is studying

Swotvac -noun- Revision period, reading period; The period of time in which students begin systematically freaking out about exams and exchange students go berserk doing all the activities around town they have not yet done.

This week has been crazy busy…and not really with studying either…although I HAVE studied. On Tuesday I took a few of my friends to see this couple that are friends of my grandparents’. This couple, Max and Myrna, have a boat and they offered to take me out on it with a few of my friends. We went out on Moreton Bay near Peel Island, off the coast of Brisbane. It was a SUPER fun day. We just ate and swam off the side of the boat, and dove and took a ridiculous amount of photos (that I will be posting soon) and had a generally good, relaxing day. It was a whole day affair and I’m definitely doing it again when Mom comes to visit. I’ve already set the date with Myrna. We saw dolphins in the water right when we pulled into the harbour at Peel Island. It’s good to be swimming with dolphins around because dolphins won’t let sharks attack humans. I don’t think there were any sharks around, but if there were they certainly didn’t bother us. The water was gorgeous and we had a perfect day…except that there wasn’t enough wind for Max. We even got home in time to catch dinner, although we were reluctant to leave the boat. I don’t think any of us would have objected very vehemently if Max and Myrna had decided to spontaneously sail to South America and commandeered us for the ride. It would have been a lovely alternative to studying for exams. 😛

Kevin’s birthday party was on Wednesday night and I had a good time chatting with him and his friends. The steak house we went to makes a mean salad, and I was very satisfied. Today was my last UQ capoeira class. I’ll have to go to West End from now on if I want to train. Today’s class was two hours long to make up for the one that we skipped last week. Claudio brought instruments and we all got to try our hands at playing the berimbau, atabaque and the pandeiro. It was SO much fun and I’m actually getting decent at playing them.

I’m about to turn into a pumpkin and it’s nearly November, so I’m going to sign off. I’ll be in Cairns when I write next probably. I have two exams this coming week–Tuesday and Wednesday–so wish me luck!

Thanks for reading everyone!


One response to “Halloween is NOT Big in Australia

  1. Good luck on your exams!
    My Halloween costume at Community Park School was a big hit! As you know, I wore my walking gear. Unfortunately I forgot my iPod to accessorize it properly, but I found a pair of headphones (ala Rey style) in a classroom just in the nick of time! I’m on my way home now to walk for real! Daylight savings time ends this weekend, so going home early will afford me one last afternoon walk and starting Monday, I might actually be able to walk again before school (since the sun will be rising “a little later”!)
    Much love,

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