Back in Bris-Vegas

Once again time has gotten away from me and I’m overdue for an update. My last week in Coffs Harbour went faster than the first one. I had a fantastic time getting to know all of Morgan’s friends and we got up to lots of healthy mischief together. 🙂 We did things like go swimming in lakes and rivers, swinging off rope swings, getting dirty, eating meat pies and celebrating an absurd amount of birthdays. My birthday seemed to set off a chain reaction in which everyone around Morgan had a birthday as well! Dylan and Kira had birthday’s on the 7th, Mel’s birthday was the 11th and Sarah’s birthday was the 12th. Mel got into town on the 7th, just in time to celebrate the rest of the birthdays and Morgan’s house that usually houses three expanded to accommodate two more. It was great fun all hanging out together although I think by the end of the week everyone was pretty partied out. Dylan’s was the most epic I think with everyone crashing at his house after fantastic food and drinks. Mel’s party took place at Morgan’s and went very well as well.

We left from Sarah’s birthday celebration to go to Brisbane via overnight train. The ride was uneventful and we got into Brisbane at 5:30am. We went back to Mel’s house to crash for a little while and then Morgan’s parnents, who left for Brisbane a couple days earlier than we did, picked us up and dropped me off at the train station so I could get to my hostel. Then they went out to one of the other suburbs to visit relatives. I got to my hostel uneventfully and Alex was waiting for me when I rocked up sweating from carrying my bags in the heat. It was a scorcher on the 13th and I spent most of it just walking around, resting and being lazy. It was great to catch up with Alex and Aileen again after a month of traveling and we took it easy. We revisited UQ for dinner that night and sought relief from the heat at the man-made beach at South Bank. It was and excellent night. The next morning I met Morgan’s family for one last breakfast after moving all my stuff to the bed and breakfast where Mom and I are staying. It was good to see them again…I’m going to miss Morgan’s family. They are so sweet.

I hopped on a train after breakfast to go down to the Gold Coast and Surfer’s Paradise. It was very flashy and touristy, but I’m glad I went. Alex and Aileen had gone in earlier and Alex got a surf board to share even though the waves were crappy. The ocean was refreshing because it was another VERY hot day and we had a good time enjoying the fantastic beach day. It was Alex’s last night in Australia because he flew home to Germany today, so we met up with Morgan and Mel when we got back to Brisbane for a farewell drink. It was sad but it was a good thing to do. It was a relatively late night for us considering that we all planned to get up early to move out of the hostel.

Mornings dawn too quickly in Queensland because of the lack of daylight saving time. It gets light around 4am!!! So morning came too soon and we all went our separate ways. I went to the B&B to set up and wait for Mom. Aileen went to move to West End until March and Alex gathered his things and prepared to wait for his shuttle to the airport. Mom showed up around 9:30am, tired but ecstatic to be in Australia! It was so exciting to see her and we took a walk almost right away. Then came back to the bed and breakfast only to go out again and meet Morgan to go have lunch at the Ville at UQ. Mom saw the campus but jet lag had her fading right after lunch, so we skipped Union College for the moment. We’ll have to return to it another day. It won’t be hard to do. Mom took a siesta while I went out and bought provisions for the boad trip we are taking tomorrow. We’re going out with Max and Merna, friends of my grandparents’, and Morgan and Mel are coming with us. It shall be great fun and I will write all about it.

Jet lag has completely overpowered my mom…but she managed to stay awake until 9:15. I could honestly probably go to bed now too, but I’m going to try to stay up just a little bit longer. This was sort of a whirlwind blog entry, but that is how my life has been lately. I will say though that my time in Coffs Harbour turned out to be the best two weeks I’ve had this time around. I felt so at home in Coffs…I feel like I could live there for the rest of my life…starting when I’m a bit older though. It’s a family-raising town. I really felt like I fit in with Morgan’s friends even though they are probably more along the lines of people Rey might hang out with instead…I was really happy there. I’m definitely glad I decided to go and grateful to Morgan’s parents for letting me stay. It was a pleasure.

Now, off to do things that are not blog-related!

More soon.


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