A Disgracefully Overdue Update

I’m hoping that this will actually turn into an update rather than a giant apology letter to those of you who have not yet given up on checking this blog. Hopefully the RSS feeds will save me here. Since last I wrote my life took off at a grueling pace, and while I will not go so far as to say I have reached a pocket of down-time (I’m still as busy as ever) I have a bit of time to attempt a hopeless generalization of what I have been doing since I finished my thesis in March.

The thesis ended up very well. I wrote the bulk of it (in Panera) over Spring Break and was ready to put the finishing touches on it before my defense on April 9th. Since I was in such good shape with my work upon returning to school, and since I only had to classes to keep up with, I decided that I could afford to rejoin choir. Mark, my director, graciously agreed to my joining mid-semester and I am very grateful that he did. Thank you to Sarah and to two years in Kirkpatrick Choir for developing my sight reading skills, thereby making it possible to learn a semester’s worth of music in a few weeks. It was tremendous fun to sing again, especially under the superb direction of Mark, who is by far the best choir conductor I have ever had.

Another reason that I am eternally grateful that Mark let me into University Choir mid-term is that I met Oren, a Physics major, bass player and all-around great guy in my year. I met Oren on the very first day in choir and we have been dating since two weeks after that. 

I think something aligned after Spring Break because everything started happening at once. Not long afterward, I was approached at work in the Recruitment Office and asked if I would be interested in taking over the position of Recruitment Coordinator. Valerie, it turns out, was moving to Maryland to becloser to her fiancee’s hospital assignment and to attend graduate school full time. I said yes, of course, and found myself with a job immediately after Graduation–something that is virtually unheardof for a member of the class of 2009. I am extremely lucky.

Graduation passed by in a flash and before I knew it I was working 30 hours a week and found myself without any homework for the first time since I began getting homework. It’s a weird feeling, not having to plan for study time and school. My time outside of work is my own and somehow I’ve managed to find things to fill it without the help of homework.

Many of my friends have left the area for jobs and graduate school. I’ve seen Shari a few times. Amytza came back from California where she is doing Teach For America, and Sam is coming down this weekend. Mostly I just spend time with Oren. I love watching his band rock out in various bars along the Jersey Shore. On July 4th weekend Oren and I went to Lancaster, PA for a quiet long weekend of great food and bike riding. Last weekend, we rode the towpath on Lake Carnegie in Princeton. We pass the time with little things too, like cooking and going to movies.

I recently saw Julie & Julia, which prominently featured blogging. I’m proud to be a blogger and I identified with the feeling that I never know how many peope are reading my blog. How to blogs get noticed? Do people sit around all day and search for blogs? How many people who do not know me have visited my blog? I wish I could put a counter there to see how many hits my page has gotten.

Anyway, I’m going to try to be diligent and write a whole lot more in this from now on. Feel free to email me with questions about things you want to hear.

Thanks for reading.


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