And We’re Back!

So, I tried having my own website for a while–for most of 2010, in fact. Some things were nice: I could once again have my photo albums on the same site as my blog; I got to personalize font colors and the placement of everything on the page; I could embed videos (though I think I might be able to do that here as well…I should check); and I could add lots of other bits and pieces on my website that are far beyond the reaches of my current WordPress capabilities. The clincher was that my computer had a near-death experience and I realized that if I wanted to blog, I needed to have access to iWeb on my own computer to do so. So I’m switching back to WordPress for 2011 and I’m probably here to stay…for now!

I’m in Turkey right now so I’ll have tons to say eventually, but for now I must end here.


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