“Kiss My Yasi”

All day I’ve been following as closely as possible the progress of Cyclone Yasi. It hasn’t been easy since the storm, said to have more punch than Katrina, swiftly disabled many of the lines of communication for the area. Friday morning progresses, more news reports are coming out, satisfying my thirst for news to help me guess at the state of being of my loved ones in Australia.

According to the news reports that I’ve read and the radio broadcasts that I’ve heard, the cyclone (hurricane for those of us who are stateside) hit Australia about 90 miles south of Cairns. There was warning a few days beforehand so people started to evacuate or bunker down. At first it looked as though Yasi would hit Cairns head on, but at the last minute it veered to the south and hit at Mission Beach instead. Cairns would still have been affected by the storm, but not nearly as harshly as originally supposed. I haven’t had any word yet though and I won’t be able to breathe a sigh of relief until I do.

ABC Australia has a photo collection of pre-storm scenes–many of Cairns. I kept scanning them closely to see if I could see any of my friends, but no such luck. You’ll see one that provided the inspiration for my blog title. Good to see that Aussie humo(u)r holds up even in the face of catastrophe. It’s nice to have something you can count on. There is also a photo in that collection of a mother and son in Whitfield–the very suburb in which my Australian families live!

I haven’t found many After images yet. The Brisbane Times put up a couple. I’m sure there will be more photos and news as time passes. If it’s been a nail-biter for me, I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s been like for those living through it. In the mean time, I will continue to wait for news.


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