Bus Blogging

I am almost 100% certain that this is a bad idea–Bus Blogging. I am currently on a Suburban Transit bus heading South…well…North to get out of Manhattan and THEN south to get home. The point is: I’m on the bus and I’m blogging. There are a couple of reasons that this might end up being a terrible idea.

  1. The WiFi–yes, WIFI!!–on the bus may end up to be unreliable and I may lose this entire post to a failed internet connection. This would lead to a feeling of wasted time and a grumpy remainder of the ride home.
  2. I get horribly motion sick. I’ve been powering through this lately since I got my spiffy new work laptop and I’ve had work I wanted to get done so I wouldn’t have to do it at home. However it’s always a risk–I never know how hard motion sickness will hit.

What an age we live in.WiFi on the bus.

Current Event: There is a man standing on the sidewalk next to the bus sweeping spilled french fries into the street while three tiny dogs (of the yappy variety) look on. I should mention that the three dogs are attached to the sweeping man’s belt by three shocking pink leashes. man’s shirt reads “Biscuits & Bath,” which I can only assume is a nearby institution catering to New York City’s furrier residents. However, he was not sweeping in front of the shop represented on his periwinkle sweatshirt–he was sweeping in front of the dodgiest pay parking lot I have ever seen. For some reason, I would dearly love to know this back story. Also I think it’s weird that the dogs were not interested in eating the spilled french fries.

Maybe blogging on the bus might end up being more interesting than I thought…or maybe I’ll just end up with more non sequitors.

So, on to my main point and the ONLY current event that currently matters: Oren and I found an apartment!

Current Event: There is a woman walking on the side walk at the exact same tempo as the music to which I am currently listening. LOVE when that happens! Oh and the bus is at it’s usual stand still in Manhattan. THIS is why it takes me two hours to get home.

Back to the apartment! Yes, we found an apartment after a very stressful search and I must give due credit here: OREN did it all. For the record, I am not surprised or anything–Oren is awesome–I am simply and utterly grateful to him for making such an amazing find while I was away and having the confidence to stick by it. It is a great place.

Internet safety etiquette dictates that I not state the location of our new apartment, but I can say that it is closer to New York City, the rent will be cheaper, the commute will be shorter AND cheaper, there are hardwood floors, 400% more windows than we have now, and…a programmable thermostat. It’s my dream home (for now)! I never thought I would get excited about these things. I always thought that my dream home would have a tower and lots of interestingly shaped rooms (a thought, no doubt, inspired by Anastasia Krumpnik…anyone?) but no; my dream home has a programmable thermostat. The tower will wait.

Current Event: The bus driver definitely just turned up the A/C on this bus. Warmer it is; July it is not. Brr.

So Oren and I will be moving out of our first floor garden apartment and into a lofty 4th floor (walkup) tree house…in less than two weeks!!!!!! Yikes. SO much to do! It will all get done, though. I really must remind myself of this fact as much as possible–it WILL all get done.

I’m getting myself all excited for the move by indulging in my latest obsession: DIY (Do it Yourself) Blogs. There is one I particularly like called Russet Street Reno. It’s about a couple who have moved into a five-bedroom home and are currently fixing it up and doing an incredible job. I love the writing on the blog too…which isn’t always the case. One day I spent HOURS reading it from start to finish. It was a very lame thing to do since I sit on my butt for most of the day at work staring at the computer, but the story was captivating and the DIY home renovation projects were downright educational. I’ve been inspired. I have to curb the inspiration a little because unlike the Russet Street crew, we do not own and thus we cannot go crazy on the apartment. For renters inspiration I have been meandering around on Apartment Therapy more and more lately. After renting our first apartment I took a little hiatus, but April is Small Cool month where they showcase what people around the world have done with small apartment spaces–a topic VERY relevant to me.

In order to feel productive, I will now list some things I would love to do/see in our new apartment:

  1. Paint walls — I’d love to paint at least some accent walls around the place. It’s one thing that we’re actually allowed to do and I think it makes the place seem homier
  2. Use more kitchen wall space — hang our pots and pans (like in Julie & Julia) and get a magnetic knife rack. Also, a mountable dish rack?
  3. Find a way to store the bikes in the apartment
  4. Make a more concrete home for Oren’s bass and musical accessories
  5. Another dresser–the closet in our room is a little small
  6. Rugs & curtains: a must with hardwood floors and exponentially more windows; I’m thinking that I’ll get fabric when I go to Malaysia to make some curtains

That’s enough bus blogging for now. Geeze we aren’t even out of Jersey City. Boo. Oh well. Last week of this!

Oh and don’t worry. If you actually know me (and…as I don’t get [m]any comments, I’m assuming that my only readers are my family members) you will be getting a change of address announcement soon!

As always, thanks for reading.


3 responses to “Bus Blogging

  1. Congrats on the new apartment! I am substantially jealous of your programmable thermostat. Ever since we left the old apartment and moved into one with some real ghetto temperature BS, I have longed for the days where it would just stay put with no fiddling. I guess that’s how we can tell we are getting older =P Pretty soon it will be socks that don’t cut off blood, and pants that have plenty of room for leakage protection.

    • Awesome, Noemi! We have several bottle shops a hop, skip and a jump away. I’ll be calling you when we decide to paint!

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