This month has been characterized mainly by being at home for a change! After my whirlwind excursions to DC and Malaysia in July, I have welcomed the August down time. Unfortunately, it has also come with some pretty intense heat and Apartment 49 gets pretty toasty being on the 4th floor and all. Still a good workout though!

After months of reading some amazing blogs very religiously, I have noticed that I really like reading blogs with pictures in them. Of course, I love reading the blogs too, and I subscribe to a small handful blogs that get away with just having text because the text is interesting. However, I think that my text could use some illustration…and I certainly have plenty of pictures.

Ideally I would be able to continue keeping photo albums as I did when I was using LiveJournal. However, that feature has been giving me some issues and I don’t like any of the alternatives that are out there like Picasa or Photo Bucket or whatever.  Also I have been lazy. So until I figure out a more permanent solution, instead of doing albums, I might try embedding images for a while. I have stayed away from that for so long because when I started blogging, believe it or not, not everyone had a speedy internet connection that could load pictures easily. Give me a holler if these embedded pictures present an issue.

My first foray into embedding images (above) features a view of my “new” living room. In this picture, it had just been freshly tidied. Oren and I have taken our time setting up the apartment–made slower by the fact that I have been jet-setting so much since we moved, pretty much. We’ve only been here since May. August has given me the chance to set some things up and get stuff done. We’ve really been thoughtful about organization in this new place and have completed several extremely successful projects such as hanging a pot rack in the kitchen à la Julia Childs’ in Julie and Julia.

I hadn’t planned to officially include that picture, so it wasn’t fully optimized, but you get the picture. Oren put it up and it’s been wonderful to have mostly gotten rid of the awkward pot handles in the cupboards. Oren is great about putting up shelves when and where I want them. AND he cooks; how lucky am I?

This is what August has been like — lots of domesticity.

August has also been the month of craziness at work and Oren going to Poland and Israel for two weeks. I was invited, but I’m not allowed to take off work in August, generally speaking. This rule is going to have to be bent somehow next year because there are weddings coming up!

I found out this month that my cousin Chelsea will be getting married at the beginning of August next year in California and my big brother, Daniel, will be getting married at the end of August (most likely) next year as well…possibly in France! This is exciting stuff!

As if that wasn’t cool enough, one of my best friends from high (and middle) school is getting married to a wonderful young woman next year around now-ish as well. It’s going to be an August/September full of celebration next year. I better enjoy the quiet while I have it.

I have been meaning to blog for a while, but I’m glad I waited until now to do it because two exciting, and unrelated, things happened to me in the past two days.

1. There was an earthquake on the east coast.

I was one of the only people in my office who felt the quake. It was a very slight tremor. I only noticed it because I was sitting in a rolling chair and it started to move of its own accord. Also I have key chains hanging on my cubicle wall and they started to swing inexplicably. There certainly isn’t even a hint of breeze in my office, so I figured it was an earthquake.

A quick search on Twitter confirmed that other people were feeling it too and fifteen minutes later, after I had already gotten over the excitement, we got an announcement from the gruff security guards downstairs that there was an earthquake in Virginia that we felt in New York and we would not be evacuating.

I’m pretty sure you aren’t supposed to evacuate in an earthquake anyway. Silly East Coast.

2. I saw my first EVER famous person!

Let me qualify: this is the first time I saw a famous person and REALIZED that I was seeing a famous person. Having grown up in the New York area, it is entirely possible that I have already seen famous people and not realized it.

Also, this person might just be famous to me.

The show White Collar was filming around Battery Park today and as I was walking to work, Matt Bomer, the actor who plays the main character, Neil Caffrey, WALKED. RIGHT. BY ME!!!

I was star struck; stopped in my tracks, jaw dangling on the ground, and I watched him walk away. I’m glad he had his back to me the whole time because it would have been super embarrassing had he turned around.

It made my day, though, and as I was walking home, two more of the characters were sitting on a bench, waiting to film in Bowling Green. I snapped an iPhone picture, but I won’t post it. There’s no point.

Today was a good day.

That’s pretty much August. Work, alone time for me in the apartment, an overseas family trip for Oren and now we’re gearing up for what’s coming up next.

Oren will be starting student teaching in the fall, marking the beginning of his final year of grad school. YAY! I have planned some time off in September and October that will include family time and a trip to California to see an old family friend and hang with John, Meaghan and Emily.

OH! Third exciting thing:

3. I’m going to a conference in Italy at the end of October

My boss just told me about this one, and it’s not final yet, but I’m definitely going to accept. 🙂 It’s a conference in Siena on Intercultural Learning that has my name all over it!

That’s all for now. See you in September!


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