Irene, Goodnight

Just a quick note to say that we’ve weathered the storm successfully over here. Hurricane Irene did not live up to the hype for us, but for many a up and down the East Coast this was a time of inconvenience and stress. Many were without power (and still are) including my parents. Everyone I know is safe though and Oren and I even got a few walks in after the storm cleared. So that’s positive.

I took some pictures of the aftermath around here. Not much to see except some downed branches. I’m sure there was flooding by the river as well, but we weren’t about to get in our cars and go anywhere.

Oren and I had run out of apples, so our walk took us to our local grocery store where we found the essentials of a hurricane survival kit cleaned out.

After dispelling our cabin fever we were happy to hunker down for the night. I’m working from home tomorrow as transportation into Manhattan is probably going to be iffy until midday tomorrow and, as a result, my office has been closed. Busy time of year though so work from home it is!

Oren and I have prepared a little celebration treat: a little scotch, five-year-old gouda and crisp grapes that we got on our excursion to the grocery store.

I hope everyone else made it out of the storm relatively unscathed. Here is the send off mother nature gave to Irene. Goodnight, Irene, Goodnight 🙂


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