365 Project: Day 29

Okay so here is the picture I was going to post today:

Title: The Morning Commute
Lyndhurst, NJ


But then I got home to find a huge stack of packages and letters from some truly wonderful and kind people. Oren and I received two packages containing fudge from Ohio and 100% dark chocolate from Ecuador by way of the UK (respectively). The fact that we happened to get two different packages containing chocolate on the same day is surreal. Oren thinks we may have developed something of a reputation. In any case–Lisa, Becki and Ed, we thank you for the love. It brightened our lives on this Monday evening. 🙂

In honor of good friends and good food, a bonus picture.

Title: A Delicious Double Delivery
Lyndhurst, NJ


Also, I’d like to acknowledge that yesterday’s picture quality was weird. I purchased my very first iPhone app now that I’ve been sticking with this project for almost a month and I’m still growing into the photo editing program. Prepare for some fun faux pas to come probably.

Also, as a reward for reading this whole post, I’ll give you a hint that there will probably be two picture tomorrow as well and that one of them might be sparkly. 😀


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