I Should be doing my Homework

So, this might be a recurring theme for the next four months or so, but I’m really writing my January update in such a timely manner because I have homework to do and I want to feel productive. So rather than doing my homework I’m writing my blog post so I’ll actually get something done. Logical? Um…maybe, but probably not.

January has been pretty uneventful. I’ve had increasingly busy times at work as lots of projects come to a head. Mom and I had a girl’s weekend over MLK Jr. weekend, which was fun and relaxing. And, oh yeah, I started my grad school semester again.

I am enrolled in SIT Graduate Institute’s Low Residency Master’s Degree in International Education. “Low-Residency” mostly equals “online.” The program is billed as a distance program that is tailored for International Education (IE) professionals who already have jobs in the field. Essentially, you’re supposed to use your professional position as fodder that supplements coursework: like a field internship except you get paid :).  I enrolled in this program originally back in June 2010 and went on a one-year leave of absence when I got my current job to compensate for a 2.5 hour commute (one way) and the necessary adjustment of a new professional position. Good decision. Now that I actually know what I’m doing in my current job, I can actually apply course concepts to it. It also helps that the class I am taking is particularly relevant to my current job. W00t!

I’ve probably written all of this before, but I’m too lazy to go look in my archives.

My plan at the moment is to complete one more semester, which will get me a certificate in International Education and then call it quits from this program. It’s been a great experience, and I’ve learned a LOT of useful skills that have already served me extremely well in terms of my professional development…but distance learning is really hard for me. I have discovered pretty conclusively that I really prefer a classroom model for my studies. It just keeps me way more motivated and engaged.

This semester is looking like it will tempt me to continue because the coursework is awesome…so I could still be persuaded to go on with the masters…but I probably won’t be.

I am going to blame the increase in outside work responsibilities for my slacking in my 365 Project…I’m still going to keep that up though because it’s fun…but be prepared for monthly updates to be super boring and devoid of any meaningful photographic documentation. Expect pictures of books and computers and other tools of this academic voyage on which I find myself.

In other, picture-related news, I really need to find my little Canon camera. It is AWOL at the moment. Wherever it is, I hope it’s having a good time.

May 20 cannot come quickly enough. Conveniently, Oren will also be finished with his schooling around that date as well. Do I sense a graduation party in our future? I think so.

I am a person who needs to be planning ahead at all times, so here are some things that I would really like to do after I finish my IE certificate (assuming I do not continue with the master’s program):

  • Take a web design course
  • Buy my own domain and start running a website, rather than a free blog
  • Take some design courses
  • Take a sewing class (with the aid of my new sewing machine that I “got” for my 25th birthday and I will actually receive after I finish school…at my request because it would just distract me more)
  • Learn to knit cooler stuff (could probably self-teach)

That’s probably not all, but it’s enough for now. Four monthly posts to go before I’m finished.


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