Finding February

Where did February go? It just flew by for me! It was another month where I was pretty inconsistent with the 365 Project. I knew this would happen with school and everything, so I decided not to freak myself out about it. Was it fun seeing crazy high blog hits in December? Sure was! But I’m not going to fail school (i.e. waste lots of money!!!) for the 365 Project.

Anyway, I needed to whip out the old Google Calendar to remember what happened this month. I worked a lot of long hours this month trying to put together a meeting for work. For a while I was nervous that things wouldn’t come together, but everything fell into place eventually (so far. knock on wood.) and I’m feeling good about how it’s all going to go.

There were two major highlights in February:

Oren played with Spiral Out: A Tribute to Tool at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ. It’s a pretty sweet venue and I’ve never seen him play so well. They were headlining and brought in quite a crowd. My fiance is a rock star. You have already seen a picture of him rocking on, but here are a couple more:

My favorite even though the bass is cut off.

Simply epic.

These were taken by G-Force BAND Photos and are just a teaser. Please do go visit the artist’s Facebook page to see more amazing pictures of Oren’s face-melting performance. You need to access the “Titans of Tribute” album and then just scroll on down. Because their photos are toward the end…because they ended the concert…because they were the most important band there. Okay I’m done gloating…but I’m allowed and I have to because I keep telling Oren not to brag.

The other awesome thing that happened in February was a vacation to New Hampshire. Oren, Emily and I took a little road trip over President’s Day Weekend to play in the (manmade) snow, eat home-cooked meals and generally enjoy some fresh country air with our (newly engaged) friends, Molly and Andrés. Here are a few shots:

Mystery Machine

Happy in New Hampshire. Isn't he handsome?

A bundled-up Oren waiting to snowtube. It really wasn't that cold.

I didn’t take that many pictures because I was too busy having fun. I have a long way to go before I could ever be a full-time blogger. I’d have to get a lot more aggressive and disciplined about taking photos of everything, for one thing.

Instead, I think I’ll end this post and go do some homework. Three months of school to go!

I leave you with one parting thought: in New Jersey, we’ve had NO winter at all. Winter came for one day in October while I was in Italy and then wussed out. Now it’s almost March. However, don’t get complacent, NJ. We’ve had blizzards in April before. It ain’t over until it’s over…and apparently we actually never quite know when that is anyway.


One response to “Finding February

  1. Some great shots here Ruth! I wouldn’t worry too much about photos, because most come out blurry/ with fingers in them etc (or mine do anyway). It’s better to have a blast, which you clearly do!

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