366 Project: Day 101

Happy Leap Day!!

I saw something really troubling today on my commute home:

I was walking along and a little ways in front of me were two people–one with a rolling suitcase in front of a person with an umbrella and tote bag. My attention was drawn to these people when the one behind the rolling suitcase stumbled a little bit. No harm done, but the person tripped a little probably just from walking to close and not noticing the suitcase slow down as its owner prepared to turn to cross the street. I thought they were together because they were standing so close but the the person who tripped ran at the suitcase, kicked it as hard as possible and WALKED AWAY.

This person was on a mission and sped off leaving me and the girl with the suitcase looking on, appalled. I don’t think she knew what to do and I certainly didn’t have a clue either.

It was a rainy day in NYC; they’re the most miserable kind of day in when I’m still an hour from home and I have to wade through the usual throng of commuters, but this time it’s a spiky sea of umbrellas that hit me in the head and drip on me. I know what it is like to be a less-than-happy camper in New York City. Still I have never seen such randomly malicious behavior between apparent strangers. I was behind the whole thing when it happened so I have no facial expressions for evidence, but I can only assume the kicking was the expression of some kind of rage. A kindergartener would get major time out for behavior like that.

Reflecting a little, I guess I’m pretty sheltered if that is the worst I’ve seen…

I’m not sure how I feel about not getting involved enough to even ask suitcase girl if she was okay. It’s not in my vocabulary of reflexes to engage with people during my commute. But I feel like that moment must have been at least a little horrifying for suitcase girl. I want her to know that I saw it and was as affronted as she was (judging by her look of indignant astonishment).

I thought of speeding ahead of the offender and telling one of the cops that is always in Zuccotti Park, but the suitcase kicker was moving too fast.

So I’m blogging about it instead. Seems inadequate.

Anyway, I got some sunshine a few minutes later when I saw a little girl in a Minnie Mouse backpack and adorable galoshes skipping through puddles. Adorable.

Title: Colorful Umbrella for a Rainy Leap Day
New York, NY



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