It’s the Last Day of March

April Fools!

(Like how, instead of admitting that March got away from me without posting, I turned it into a lame April Fool’s joke? Yeah…)

March was really busy!

In the beginning of March I headed down to Washington DC to facilitate a meeting and then attend a conference. The meeting was the first time that I organized an event virtually unassisted, and I’m very proud of myself because we had minimal logistical issues…and no logistical issues that could have been foreseen or avoided (by me…). For the win!

The meeting consisted of two workgroups coming together: one from the US and one from Pakistan! It was amazing being able to meet all of these wonderful people and learn so much about our two cultures. The workgroups are writing a handbooks to help US host families do just that–learn about cultural differences–so knowing that we were learning ourselves fortified our belief that we will be able to achieve our goals! The meeting ended after four days of great work and we celebrated by spending an afternoon enjoying DC proper. A colleague of mine and I rented bikes and took full advantage of the gorgeous weather, as you probably already saw in this picture:

Biking the Mall

Whew, this 365 Project is really making including images in my posts redundant easy.

All in all it was a very exciting, successful meeting and the conference afterward was inspirational as well. I attended sessions having to do with lots of countries/communities that I know very little about including Saudi Arabia, Kenya, and the Arab communities in Israel.

After all the excitement and about 16 consecutive days working, I got sick. Of course I did. So I spent most of my comp time sitting in our very comfortable love seat being sad panda. Kind of like this:

Sad Panda

I wish I took that picture. It should link to it’s source, but in case it doesn’t, the source is linked earlier in this sentence. Click on it to learn all about the sad panda meme. It has a pretty interesting, and fairly inappropriate origin story. I just think that pandas sometimes look sad.

Later, at the very end of March, I found myself devoting most of my time to doing, or procrastinating from doing, my grad school homework. I get it done, just not always on time. The meeting, and my sad panda illness made some fairly serious catch-up necessary. I should be working on an assignment right now, but I felt that it was of paramount importance to update my mom loyal readers of what I did in March.

Honestly, all the interesting stuff has been happening to Oren. He’s nearly done with grad school also and he’s been applying to all sorts of jobs…and getting interviews! Listen high schools of our area in New Jersey, if you want the best physics teacher out there, you better move fast before someone else snaps him up. He’s already got summer work lined up. I’m very proud of him!

This weekend Oren and I have been celebrating the beginning of our fourth year together. It’s pretty exciting. We played it low key by having an adventure in Central New Jersey in which I went to the dentist and we got fabulous clothing deals at Old Navy. Our lives are super exciting 🙂 It was actually the perfect way to spend a productive weekend.

Also, we started 5k training! I was going to try to be all cool and downplay that, but I’m actually really excited because it was Oren’s idea. We’re both doing it using the C25K (Couch to 5k) App on my phone. We’ve completed days 1 & 2 of week 1 and are feeling wonderful! If we follow the program closely, we’ll be 5k ready by Memorial Day Weekend. I’d like to find a (fun and relaxing) race around that time to work toward as a goal. Oren never thought he would run…ever, and I never thought I’d get back into it.

That’s all for now! I’ll still persevere with my 365 Project, but I’m going to call it right now and say that I probably won’t be very consistent until after grad school is over.



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