Today was pretty momentous. Oren and I ran our first 5K ever! (For those of your on the Imperial System, that’s 3.1 miles.)

It wasn’t the greatest day for it weather-wise. It was muggy and the temperature was well on its way to 90F (32C) by the time the starting pistol horn blew at 10:15am. However, all unpleasant weather aside, it was a great run. Oren and I have been training for two months to great effect and, though we hadn’t run a full three miles yet in our training by today, (we fell a little behind around week four or five) we ran faster and better than we thought we would.

My official time by the chip on my sneaker was 38:15.40. A 12-minute mile is nothing to brag about, but I’m happy with it considering two months ago, I couldn’t even contemplate running that long at a stretch. This was my first ever race and it felt good! AND the race results tell me that I was not the last person in my gender group OR in my age group to finish the race. That’s gratifying.

I was not doing much documenting today, but my mom filled in. Enjoy this gallery; click on a picture to start scrolling through.


One response to “5K

  1. Yay well done! Excellent achievement (and is that a well deserved fro-yo/ ice cream I see??? Cannot wait to hit the scoop shops in the summer!!!)

    Congrats to you and Oren – has the bug bitten? Do you need MORE? Heheheh!

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