365 Project: Day 214

Oren left for his summer job in CA very early this morning and I had a LOT of business to take care of today:

Title: Transmission Trouble
My 13-year-old trooper of a car had an unexpected visit to the garage.
Lyndhurst, NJ


Title: The Coolest Test Ever!
I had to go get my arm checked out for nerve damage. The horizontal pen marks on my arm are where to doctor measured my arm in order to time how long it took my nerves to respond to electric stimulation. Then there were the acupuncture needles used to measure the energy in my muscles. It was all really cool and the Dr. was nice. Also, turns out that my arm is well on the mend from whatever I did to it at the gym. Arm workouts will change, but I’ll be happy to get back to them.
Rutherford, NJ


Title: Haircut
I treated myself to a much-needed trim after a hectic day of problem-solving. Here is a bad picture of my awesome hair while sitting in my first ever rental car that got me through the day. I was not driving at the time, for the record.
Lyndhurst, NJ



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