Massive Update

Time has flown by as it usually does in the summer. I’m writing from an airport at the moment, so I don’t think I’ll be able to include very many pictures in this post. If you’re craving some visual stimulus, I refer you to practically any other post on this blog. I’ve been okay about sticking with the 365 Project! Not so with the monthly updates.

Right now I’m about to head off on another international adventure that I shall write about upon my return. For now we need to go back in time a little and cover May and June.

May started off all the business.

Mother’s Day weekend was a particularly busy one. On the Saturday, I had the distinct pleasure of attending the bridal shower for Meaghan, who is marrying John—one of my oldest friends. I’ve known John since elementary school and we’ve been good friends since eighth grade. Now I am honored to have become a friend of Meaghan’s as well. I have only been to one other bridal shower and I must say that Meaghan’s was my favorite so far. It was casual but elegant; full of strong, classy, good-natured women from all sides of Meaghan and John’s families, all of whom came together to wish Meaghan well. Maybe it’s the women’s college alumna in me, or maybe it was just the quality of the company, but seeing the many generations of women together was pretty inspiring for me.

To cap off a long, but worthwhile Saturday, I proceeded to do no homework and head into New York with Oren to celebrate Emily’s birthday. John came too and ended up crashing at our apartment. It’s always lovely to spend so much time with friends.

On May 13th I found myself back at Rutgers, New Brunswick for a very special Rutgers graduation. Oren sailed through his master’s program in Physics education with flying colors, earning a 4.0 GPA and a job at one of the better schools in the state. The College Avenue Gym was warm, but I could not have been happier or more proud to be there to watch Oren walk across the stage. I managed to snap some great pictures of the happy occasion. Maybe I’ll go back and put some pictures in later when I have access to that memory card.

A personal day off work the day after that busy weekend was definitely in order and I managed to finish a LOT of school work. Good thing too, it was all due the next day.

Somehow, through all the school work, regular work, birthday and special events during April and May, Oren and I managed to keep on our training routine for the 5K that I had signed up for (and that Oren signed up for at the very last minute), and in spite of a wave of heat and humidity the likes of which New Jersey knows more commonly in July and August, we ran our race on May 28th. We finished in about 38 minutes, a record that we have both since shattered. 🙂

June kicked off with a conference in Chicago. It was a great to get out there–Chicago is one of my favorite cities at the moment. It doesn’t hurt that I got to see my ever-elusive brother. The conference was low-key but useful, a few of my lovely friends were there and we stayed at a great hotel.

After that conference,  I had to get my act together to present my final project to get my graduate certificate in International Education. I was nervous but it all went well and now I’m done with my schooling for now. With that landmark out of the way, we were preparing for Oren to leave for California for the summer. He’ll be teaching Accelerated Physics for a secondary school summer program. He’s never been to California and seems to be settling in nicely. He’s already been to a beach bonfire, so I’d say he’s been properly inducted into the California lifestyle.

At the end of this month I attended another conference in global education, which was also really interesting.

To see it all written down, somehow our days don’t sound that busy, but it’s all been full of cleaning up the aftermath of academic life, preparing for travels, seeing family and other enjoyable, time-consuming endeavors. Now that my travel is gearing up, you can expect the July update post to be super interesting.

As always, thanks for reading.


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