World View

Today is a special day. Today I found out that my blog views this month have exceeded 400…and it’s only November 15! Just for fun, I thought I’d share some of the blog stats that WordPress tracks.

I put this blog on WordPress in April 2010. I migrated it from a website that I made with iWeb that no longer exists as well as my LiveJournal account. All of the posts from LiveJournal and my defunct website are on this blog, but for fun and nostalgia’s sake, you can go see what my LiveJournal blog used to look like: That is the blog that took me through my 2008 study abroad.

Since April 2010, 3,642 people have visited this blog.

That isn’t that cool a number, nor is it that large a number compared to some of the blog that I follow, which gets thousands of hits a day. But it is certainly a larger number than I ever expected.

Here is the even cooler part. This is the World Map that tracks from which countries people have visited this blog (since, arbitrarily it seems, February 2012):


How cool is that?? The color coding show the amount of people in each country who have visited my blog. All I can say is, step is up, Australia! 😛

This is also the reason that I make sure not to put any specific locating information or full names in my blog posts. No offense to anyone in the Ukraine or Botswana, but I am not aware that I know anyone there. Safety first.

That said, thank you to everyone who has visited. This blog has turned into a lot of fun, through all of its different iterations, and I can’t wait to see how it continues to develop through other cool numbers milestones.


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