Thanksgiving 2012

Title: Thanksgiving feast


Just kidding!! That was one last hostess snack in my lifetime. I was on a road trip, but I won’t get ahead of myself.

I was in Michigan for the Monday and Tuesday before thanksgiving visiting an old friend, Dan (12 years of friendship. Crazy). He’s a musician so I attended a free concert in a pizza place. Obviously.

Title: They were sight reading and it was still amazing!
Ann Arbor, MI


So Dan and I road tripped from Michigan back to NJ for thanksgiving. It was good fun…but in Ohio we got a flat tire in a little tiny town.

Title: Exploring while Waiting for AAA
Woodingtontinyville, OH


Long story short, it was a fabulous misadventure and we made it home in time for thanksgiving.

Title: Actual Thanksgiving Feast
Millburn, NJ


It was great to see family and if course, no break would be complete without a jaunt in Princeton! We saw Chinese astrology sculptures at the university and the library designed by Ghery.





Doesn’t that last one make you want to study really hard?

So that’s the week of thanksgiving in a nutshell!


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