The Productivity Project

I do a lot of things. I know this because I need to schedule dinner dates with friends several weeks in advance, and it’s always kind of tough to get up in the morning. 

But what am I doing?

I thought that this could be the subject of a new blog series: The Productivity Project. Each week I will account for productive things that I did, accomplishments made, achievements unlocked, etc. These things may be big or small, and may not always be exciting to chronicle, but I’m hoping that it will keep me accountable in pursuing my various projects/hobbies and give me a better understanding of where the time goes. Also I hope that this will make me feel good when I see how much I am actually doing and attaining. 

It took me a little while to think of what I really wanted to do next on the blog, and while this might not give me as much traffic as the 365 Project, I think this one will get back to the original purpose of this space — to keep those who care updated on what my life contains. Also, I found that I was mostly playing catch-up once a week with the 365 Project anyway, so committing to at least one weekly post makes sense for me right now. 

I will include as many pictures as I can to keep it dynamic. 

The first post will be tomorrow, chronicling Week 1 of 2013. 


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