Week 1: A New Year

First week of the Productivity Project: Monday, December 31 (why not let December stay?) – Saturday, January 5, 2013.

Monday, December 31

I bought a car! A new-to-me Honda Accord 2006. Good decision all around. Also saw Les Miserables with my family and at lobster.


My mom and me with the blue beauty.

Tuesday, January 1

Visited with some of Oren’s cousins who just told us that they’re expecting their second child! YAY! I also finished my first whole colorwork pattern in knitting — the yoke of my very first sweater.

Color Work: The Top Down Icelandic Sweater

Color Work: The Top Down Icelandic Sweater

Wednesday, January 2

I actually commuted to the office for the first time in a while. I’m still on the ferry since the PATH from Hoboken to the World Trade Center is still closed. Downtown Manhattan is definitely still recovering from Hurricane Sandy’s destruction. Many business and subway stations are still closed for repairs.

After work I met up with some lovely people from my 2008 study abroad in Valencia because our Spanish teacher was in town! We met for drinks at The Beer Authority near the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Great place!

Thursday, January 3

Mom’s Birthday! I actually remembered to call and the present I got her actually arrived on that day! It was an accident, but we’ll pretend I timed it that way 🙂

I updated my parking permit! This is one of those not-so-exciting achievements that I might chronicle during this project, but it was exciting for me. The traffic division of our town is completely inconvenient for anyone with a regular job, so the fact that I actually got them to call me and then showed up to find someone ready to help me was a miracle. Actually, it almost wasn’t. I showed up after a game of telephone tag to find no one there, but as I gave up and turned around, a woman walked up confessing to having been upstairs chatting with “the ladies.” “I don’t get to chat with a lot of women very often…” she said. My heart immediately melted and we had a great little conversation as she set me up with a valid parking permit for my new car. Annoyance evaporated. Sometimes the little things are worth remembering.

Friday, January 4

I actually went to the gym in the morning!! Also I added ears to my knitted bunny. Last week I finished a knitted elephant.

The tag marks where his body will go.

The tag marks where his body will go.


Saturday, January 5

I set myself up to take some free online classes through Coursera. In the next few weeks I’ll be starting a personal financial planning course and a course called E-Learning and Digital Cultures. All totally free and through some great universities. I’ll surely chronicle my progress.

Perhaps the sweetest occurrence this week was being able to Skype with Mavi, my dear friend from Chile, for the very first time. I haven’t seen her face to face for seven years. Neither of us are sure why we haven’t been Skyping this entire time, but it was wonderful. I hope it isn’t too long before we do it again.

* * *

Not bad for a first week!


5 responses to “Week 1: A New Year

  1. Ok, I get the knitted bunny now. Love the elephant too. Congrats on your new car. AND, your sweater is GORGEOUS!

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