Week 2: Friends and Islands

Sunday, January 6 through Sunday, January 13

I’ve decided that Monday to Sunday is a much better system

Sunday, January 6

I published my first Productivity Project Post. I may have been wrong about the traffic that this project will receive. Week 1 got 89 views on the first day!

Oren and I went to look at our very first wedding venue. We decided to take our sweet time on wedding planning (I don’t know why I bothered to explain that since everyone who reads this blog is probably aware of that already), but we are finally starting to get the ball rolling.

Monday, January 7

Went to a Zumba class and made more progress on my knitted bunny.

Tuesday, January 8

Commuted into New York and had dinner with an old friend at Blue Dog in the Flat Iron district.

Oren and one of his younger brothers swapped out our kitchen table for a kitchen island that we then conditioned ourselves. It was a steal, and a major improvement to our kitchen.


Wednesday and Thursday, January 9 and 10

Normal days full of work, commuting and eating dinner together with Oren. More bunny knitting and Internet TV occurred. Days spent just enjoying our normal lives have a charm all their own. Here is where the bunny left off this week:


Friday, January 11

Enjoyed Shabbat dinner with Oren’s family where the food is always warm and delicious. Then we picked up a college friend of ours, Brenna, from Newark Penn Station. She took the bus down from Boston to reunite with some other college friends, but first she spend the night at our apartment. No pictures of our lively night chatting, sadly, but sometimes you just have to experience life rather than photograph it.

Saturday, January 12

We took Brenna to Jersey City where she would meet up with the next set of friends. Then Oren and I went to Ikea for a little adventure before meeting some friends there, Chris and Lisa who were driving down from Vermont. Lisa was en route to Turkey via Newark Liberty International Airport and Chris drove her to settle a debt conveniently visit us. They ended up getting stuck in horrendous traffic on the George Washington Bridge. Lisa did make the flight, but we had to abandon our Ikea plan. Oren and I had our own mini adventure complete with purchasing a pot lid organizer and a cone of frozen yogurt each. Not to shabby. Too bad we didn’t get to see Lisa, but we’ll get another chance when she comes back through town. Chris and his dog, Rupert, stayed at our apartment for the night. We ate in and caught up, squeezing my first ever game of Munchkin in as well (linked for helpful explanation…because I just can’t). I’m not a huge game person, so I’ll probably sit subsequent Munchkin rounds out, but I’m glad to know what Oren’s into at the moment.

What follows is simultaneously a record of who was here this weekend and a public service announcement for anyone who even considers leaving his/her phone unattended with my darling friend, Chris. I figure, if he was cool leaving these pictures of himself on my phone, that’s practically a request for me to put them on the Internet. I would like to thank him publicly for resisting the temptation to change my phone’s language (for the third time). I can only assume that his uncharacteristic restraint is so I still feel comfortable leaving my phone alone in my own house. Thanks, Chris. You’re beautiful.



Sunday, January 13

A day of Chris and Rupert. Bagel brunch in the dog park, the antics of a relentlessly curious and needy basset hound, and a slightly chilly walk took up our morning. Later, Chris and I explored the Meadowlands a little (by car only, since the parklands are still closed from Hurricane Sandy damage) and saw Monsters Inc. 3D while Oren went on a collaborative, online campaign with our friends John (in California) and Ed (in the U.K.).

After Chris and Rupert hit the road back to Vermont, Oren and I headed down to Princeton to visit some MORE friends, Andrés and Molly, who had just gotten back from a joint family trip to Chile. It was great to eat homemade falafel (OMG YUM!) and hear about their adventure in the Southern hemisphere. A quick pit stop for dessert with my parents and we turned for home.

All in all it was a very friend-filled weekend. We’re lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives. I leave you with a picture of me and Rupert hanging out on the couch. Chris would probably also want me to draw attention to his arm, which I was kind enough not to cut out of the frame. Oren is the photographer on this one. I think Rupert was not sure what was going on. What a cutie.



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