Week 4: Tardy

Monday, January 21 – Sunday, January 27

Monday, January 21

Day off. I had a lazy day full of catching up with things and recuperating from the mega activity of showing my Australians around New York City on Sunday.

Tuesday, January 22

Dinner with the lovely Courtney. It was too much fun to photograph. Cocktails and pizza featured prominently.

Wednesday, January 23

Reunited with Kevin for lunch on Google. This was the last I could see him before he headed back to California. I could have said “lunch at Google,” but the first phrasing is also correct. I was surprised at how easy it was to visit. First I made friends with the Puerto Rican security guard in the lobby who said my name correctly and chatted with me until Kevin could come down to get me. Then there was free food (that was excellent to boot) and plenty of it. Apparently Google has this rule that their employees must be within a certain distance of food at all time. I guess hunger doesn’t inspire productivity. Then there was the games room, the lego station, the library with hidden rooms behind book cases and electronic bookshelves (that were 100% malfunctional), the ladders between floors (that I wasn’t allowed to go on for safety and liability reasons), couches made out of bathtubs, and, my favorite thing: the dry erase walls. I was surprised and overwhelmed by the enormous size of the facility and volume of people walking around.

I didn’t have a lot of time, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Kevin was so great for showing me around, even though I beat him at a quick game of fuseball. I’ll never forget my visit to Google New York, even if it is the closest I ever get to realizing my dream of working for Google without being a total computer genius.






Thursday, January 24

Oren and I had the day off to go visit another wedding venue! Oren and I were both able to take a personal day and we had a great time to ourselves.

Friday, January 25

After a day of work, we set off for Boston where we were to attend the bat mitzvah of the daughter of a family friend. It was our first major road trip for a while and my new car’s first major road trip since starting its second life with me. It all went very well. We took our time getting up to Boston and we checked into the hotel just in time to relax a little and hang with Oren’s family before going to bed.

Saturday, January 26

We attended a bat mitzvah and got a little taste of what the 13-year-old crowd is into these days (apparently it’s fake moustaches, nylon hair extensions — pictured in Oren’s beard below, and Taylor Swift).


It was a very nice service and party, even though we didn’t really know a lot of people, and I know that the bat mitzvah girl and her family appreciated that we came. We went to their house after the party wore down for some quick, quality time before setting off to spend the night with friends in Lowell.

Sunday, January 27

We spend half a day in Lowell eating breakfast, chatting and freezing a little bit with some good, old friends, Molly and Andrés. We talked wedding plans (they’re getting married in June) and how our lives are going. Andrés is studying at the University of Massachusetts and Molly is gearing up to be a wonderful elementary school teacher. It was nice to have the chance to explore a new place with old friends. We frolicked around Lowell’s historic center for a while, taking every chance to duck into warm shops to escape the frigid cold that has been plaguing the East coast lately. What is this?? Winter or something??


So that was the week! Full of lots of people and travel. I did some knitting, learning about finance and a little catching of colds, apparently, but all in all, the week was spent seeing people and running around. And worth every second.



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