Week 6: Snowmageddon Mark Two

Monday, February 4 – Sunday, February 10

This week was another one that was slow to take off but eventful toward the end. I can’t believe that we’re already at week six out of fifty-two! Time does fly.

Monday – Wednesday

Though most of the days were consumed with work, after work, for the past few weeks, I have been consumed by watching Doctor Who on Netflix. Oren started me on the show a while back (when it was still 2012) by showing me my first ever Doctor Who episode–Vincent and the Doctor from Season 5, in case anyone is interested. I liked it, but it wasn’t until I happened upon the Season 5 Christmas special this past Christmas while spending time at Grandma’s house that I was really inspired to watch it on my own. Since then I’ve been catching up on Netflix.

For those who do not know, Doctor Who is a long-running, British television series that has been around since the 1960s. It is about the antics of a Time Lord (an extraterrestrial being), called the Doctor, who can and does travel in time and space, saving lifeforms and universes from destruction and annihilation. He usually travels with a platonic companion–mostly the companion is a young woman, but not always–who keeps him grounded, as his nature is consistently eccentric. The really enchanting thing about the Doctor, and Time Lords in general, is that they live a very long time because when their lives are in jeopardy, they can usually regenerate in a different physical form. This is what has kept the show going for so long because they can keep replacing the Doctor with different actors under the pretext of regeneration. In 2005 the series was rebooted from nearly a decade of hiatus and there have been three Doctors since then, including the current Doctor. There have been eleven Doctors in total throughout the life of the series. Here they are:


It’s been pretty interesting discovering this “Whovian” culture. Doctor Who has a cult following akin to those for Star Wars, Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. Indeed, I am sure there is significant overlap between all of these fan bases, so I fit right in :).

Perhaps it is a bit worrying that I managed to get through seven seasons of the Doctor Who reboot since the beginning of the year, BUT, I will say in my defense that I haven’t watched every minute of every episode. The beauty of not having a proper television, but watching all of my shows on the Interwebs, means that I can skip around as I please. I don’t like tense and scary plots, with which Doctor Who abounds, so for many episodes I will scan through to get the gist and skip to the resolution. Cheating? Yes. But my question is: why have fictional stress in my life if I have a choice? Even with the bouncing around, I have logged a lot of hours watching Doctor Who and now, I’m all caught up and tempted to start watching the classic episodes to tide me over until the current season starts up again at the end of March.

I didn’t expect to have this much to say about Doctor Who, and I’ve really let my nerd flag fly with this one.

Thursday, February 7

All week people had been talking about Winter Storm Nemo that was to dump mountains of snow on the entire East coast from New Jersey to Maine. I worked from home on Thursday so I could get some last-minute errands in before the blizzard hit, just in case Oren and I got stuck indoors for a lengthy period of time. Here is a healthy work at home snack…

Healthy Snack

My lovely friend Lisa was also returning to Newark after a month in Turkey, Greece and Italy (poor girl) and I had said that I would pick her up. Her flight came in only slightly late and we had a quality visit, even if it was a little quick. I brought her back to the airport early the next morning (after supplying a breakfast of overnight oats and a stop at the local bagel place for a whitefish salad fix to go). She’s promised to come back and visit. It’s a good thing her visit was so short because she only just made it out. But I’m getting ahead of myself!

Friday, February 8

A dusting of snow had begun to fall right as we reached Newark Airport. Lisa texted me later to say that the airport was a mad house with people trying to beat the storm and she only just made her flight. I worked at home again on Friday, as I usually do if a big storm is predicted. Storms in this area always mean a chance of blackouts, which means the likelihood of getting stuck in New York City raises considerably. My transportation requires electricity to run. It snow-rained all day, the temperature flirting with freezing the entire time, which means icy conditions. Oren’s school preemptively declared a half a day to make sure that everyone got home safe. The snow predictions all week had claimed that we would get anywhere from two to thirty-two inches of snow…quite a range. By Friday, the predictions had landed on ten to fifteen inches…and we probably got about ten, which compressed to about six. It mostly fell at night when we were sleeping.


Saturday, February 9

We woke up to a winter wonderland. The snow had stopped in the night and the roads were surprisingly clear…except around the cars parked on the road, which were obviously buried. Oren and I had a lazy day. We were supposed to do a tasting with the wedding caterer that we’re considering, but it was ultimately canceled due to the weather. It was a relaxing sort of day full of knitting, reading, and finishing up a few side projects, including a suite of wedding invitations that I have been designing for a friend. that being snowbound permits you to do for the most part.


In the evening, Oren dug out his car so we could make it to his high school which put on A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. We ate pizza beforehand at a place nearby, where many of Oren’s students were hanging out, and it was cool to see how excited they were to see him…in a cool, nonchalant  science kid sort of way, obviously. Oren said that it will spread like wildfire that I was seen eating pizza and attending the school musical–a “fiancé sighting.” Hahah!

The kids on stage did a really great job; they were dedicated to capturing all the ridiculousness and farce of that old and rather sexist musical. I remembered a lot from when my high school did that play in my Sophomore year…though I will say that I must never have listened carefully to the lyrics. Some of them are shocking. I usually worked back stage for the high school plays and watching all the kids having fun reminded me of how I miss performing…or at least being around that kind of energy and creativity. Every time I see a music, I have this urge to go join a community theater company. I never quite make it to the point of action, though.

Sunday, February 10

Another rather lazy day. I popped out around 11:00am to clear most of the snow off my car so that the sun could melt what was left before Tuesday. I got some tidying and crafting done around the house, and finished up some wedding stationary that I have been designing for a friend. In the evening, while Oren put together a DELICIOUS lasagne for dinner, I finished all the knitting on my sweater. All that is left is washing, blocking and steeking. I’m very happy with how it has come out.



It’s interesting. This project makes me realize that the beginning of my weeks are usually quite slow and the ends are usually more exciting. What a fascinating pattern. Maybe I should make it a goal to make Monday through Wednesday MORE fun thank the weekend. Something to think about.


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