Week 8: Tasting

Monday, February 18 – Sunday, February 24

This week’s productivity came at the end. This weekend we had our rescheduled tasting at our wedding caterer’s Western New Jersey location. First, my mom came up north and we had an adventure framing pictures at Michael’s. Pictures to come once they are finished. I also got this poster frame for Oren’s Litograph poster of Newton’s Opticks.


The tasting went well! I have no photos of the food, somehow, but we were served wine, an assortment of hors d’oeuvres, an array of main courses and various cupcakes. The hors d’oeuvres were the best, followed by the mashed potatoes, which is good because Oren and I have decided to have an “extended cocktail hour” menu at our wedding, which means that we’re going to have a ton of different finger foods the whole time. All the food was well prepared and very nicely presented, and so even though we didn’t taste exactly what we’re serving, we’re confident that our wedding food will be tasty. The only thing that wasn’t great was the cake assortment…which is fine because we’ve opted out of a wedding cake anyway. ::GASP:: We’ve decided to go for something a little me “us.” I haven’t decided how many spoilers I’ll post on the blog, but rest assured, it will be delicious.

That night was the Jewish festival of Purim, which meant that Oren’s mom had to leave the tasting a little early to go prepare a feast for the family. We followed shortly after, and even though we were not at all hungry, we were served up another “tasting” of amazing, home made food. It was definitely a weekend of eating.



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