Week 9: California, Here I Come

Monday, February 25 – Sunday, March 3

Work Insanity

This week was probably the busiest in the history of my professional life…though I have no scientifically accurate way to measure that.

On Monday and Tuesday I took part in the second installment of a manager’s training workshop. We did a little self assessment called the FIRO-B, that I had never heard of before. That is saying something because my entire Certificate of Advanced Study (the piece of paper for which I finally received sometime in February. It was so over-anticipated and underwhelming when it came that it went by unphotographed) consisted mostly of self assessment. I’m surprised there is one I hadn’t already taken.

Anyway these were half-day trainings that took a really huge chunk out of the time I had to prepare for an entirely different training that I helped deliver on Wednesday, and the business trip to California that I started on Friday.

I am in no way complaining — I actually like the insanity of many deadlines coming to a head all at once. I don’t think I could sustain that state of mind, but it helped to catalyze my organizational skills, and now I feel like I have a handle on what I need to get done for the rest of the month. I need tight deadlines and turn-around in order to have confidence in putting that cap on work that is done well enough. Otherwise I’m allowed to sit around with stuff that is “done” but could be better…It’s a slippery slope and I’m not sure any of this paragraph makes much sense. It makes sense to me though, so I guess that is what matters.

The training on Wednesday went pretty well — it was a basic introduction to Intercultural Education principles as they apply to our daily work. I like this stuff, and I believe in its utility, so I liked having the conversations with my coworkers who, in turn, seemed to find the information useful. Success!


I stayed very late at work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so that I could work at home on Thursday and actually pack my suitcase for the 2.5 week trip to California…which, as I said, began on Friday. I flew out on Friday morning and landed in San Diego without a hitch. That’s where I picked up this beauty:

The Momcicle

The meeting that I am facilitating for the next few days in California is for 11 volunteers from my organization — some are from the United States and others are from South Africa. As the meeting facilitator, I needed to transport this group of 12 (including me) around, since the place where we were staying was rich in lunch places, but rather poor for dinner places. 12 is a very awkward group to transport, so one group member drove down from Los Angeles (where she lives) and I rented The Momsicle that you see above. She seats seven people, including the driver, and I have been having a really good time driving her around! I never thought I’d enjoy driving a boat minivan like this, but it is surprisingly comfortable and safe-feeling. My friends have teased me mercilessly, but I could become a soccer mom yet.

The place where this meeting is taking places is one that I have stayed at several times before, but the scenery never gets old. It’s right on Mission Bay, and it’s steps from the beach. I’ve already taken advantage of the good weather and flat terrain to get a run in, and I hope to do more before the meeting is over. Tonight we rode on the steamwheeler that the hotel owns, in celebration of one of our group member’s birthdays. We tore up the dance floor 🙂

Mission Bay

More California adventure awaits next week!


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