Knitting Progress

So this whole productivity project thing may or may not be totally on hold. Life has just been too crazy to stick to a scheduled. Maybe I’ll hop back on board one of these days, because I’ve certainly had some exciting time in the past couple of months. However, for now, if I post once a month, I’ll call it a win.

I certainly won’t refrain from posting when I feel like it just because I haven’t caught up all the way. Trying to be healthier means more than just exercising and eating right — it also means cutting myself some slack when I don’t live up to my own expectations.

Today, I was pretty productive, as it happens. I tidied up my workspace since it had gotten a little out of control. I’ve been doing a lot of project lately and my desk can get a little overrun with work and craft stuff all over the place. I recently got a balance ball to sit on instead of my desk chair and it’s working out really well. I definitely feel a lot better about doing so much sitting since I got it…and it’s more fun to be able to bounce around a little bit while I’m working.

Tidy Desk


Yes, there are two computers and a monitor on my desk. It’s helpful to have things all spread out for cross referencing. Plus it helps me feel like more of a computer geek. Sorry for the terrible iPhone picture.

This week I’ve been perfecting the art of soft boiling eggs. It’s fun to have a good breakfast in the morning.

Soft Boil


Apparently I next need to work on not burning bacon. Oh well.

Now for some recently finished and in progress knitting projects:

Fuzzy Scarf


This is a circular scarf knit with Classic Elite Yarn’s Giselle in Teal and Cloud (I think). I got two skeins of teal and one of cloud for a bargain when I went to Rochester with Oren in February. I knit it up on big needles to make a nice, fluffy, light and fuzzy scarf. Not exactly something I’ll get to wear much until next fall, but it’s nice to finish something. Still need to weave in some ends.

Cable Mittens


I’m proud of these. This mitten pattern is the first one ever that I designed myself! I wrote up the cable pattern in Illustrator and everything! I had a skein of this yarn left over after making another circular scarf, and it was just enough to make this squishy pair of mittens. Sorry can’t remember what yarn I used. All the tags get lost. I should start keeping better track. It was definitely a worsted or aran weight though and they’re lovely and comfortable. The best thing about these mittens is that they’re custom fit, so I don’t have lots of extra material around my tiny hands (which gets annoying when trying to pick something up).

Mystery Hat


Finally, here is one of my works in progress. Mom gifted me a Craftsy mystery knit-a-long, so I didn’t know what the pattern was going to be when I signed up. It turned out to be an art deco style, color work hat. We got to pick the color binary and Craftsy sent the yarn, which turned out to be SimpliWorsted by HiKoo. I LOVE the feel of this yarn. It’s nice and squishy with great stitch definition. This hat isn’t something I’d normally choose to make of my own volition, but I like that I get to practice my colorwork again. I haven’t done anything since I “finished” my sweater. The knitting is done but I need to find the ribbon to do the button band, so that is still technically a work in progress. Can’t wear a heavy wool sweater until after summer anyway.

Spring has been slow to start up here in New Jersey, but every day there are some more trees and flowers in bloom. We certainly do get some pretty springs here in the mid-Atlantic region.

I’ve done a few other things including some crochet projects (yay! new skill!) and some embroidered cards, but I won’t post pictures of those because they will be gifts for people. Maybe I’ll post them after they’ve been gifted.

Until next time! Thanks for reading!


One response to “Knitting Progress

  1. Hi Ruth! Love the knitting stuff, especially those mittens! I can’t read pattern charts, but I need to learn, haha. Thanks for stopping by the blog earlier today. 🙂

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