New Chapter. Page One.

I will spare everyone the predictable marveling at the passage of time. It’s the end of July. Moving on…

I’ve come a long way since the last time I really wrote an update, and now I’m at the very beginning of a brand new chapter. My last day of work at AFS was on Friday. Like…this past Friday, July 19.

And now I’m in a dorm. How’s that for turnaround? But let me back up.

For those of you who missed it on Facebook or in my extremely weak 5-year post, this past spring I found out that I was awarded a full tuition scholarship to attend the Information School at Syracuse University this year. I will be working toward a master’s degree in library and information science. Completing this particular program will also earn me a teaching certificate so that I will have the option to be a school librarian/media specialist in addition to being qualified for any other kind of library environment.

I anticipate that there could be some confusion or misconceptions about this field. It would be incorrect to assume that it is slowly dying. Rather the field of library and information is changing in very exciting ways. For a summary, I suggest you read this page.

I’m hoping that I will be inspired to share more about my foray into this exciting new chapter (Teehee! Librarian metaphor!) of my professional life, so watch this space!

NOW! Since I haven’t done a real update in a very long time, and because I think it only fitting that I spend my first night on campus procrastinating from doing my school work (I’ve been taking an online class and I am now on campus for some face time), here is what happened in June and July. All of the following are phone pictures of varying quality. Sometimes, you can’t be bothered to wait for a good shot.

My dad turned 70!! Mom had a birthday dinner for him at their house, and my brothers, Rey and Daniel came to surprise him.

Ruthio and Daddio

This is a weird picture that looks like my head is growing out of dad’s neck…but I like it anyway

On June 8th I ran my first ever 10K race with some of my closest friends! It was the Oakely Mini 10K in Central Park. It’s “Mini” not because it’s small, but because the race was started when mini skirts were in vogue. At that time, women were not encouraged, and often not allowed to run races, so this race popped up just FOR women. My friend John, pictured below, was sad that he couldn’t run it though. Next time we’ll sign up for a co-ed race, buddy!

Racing Ladies

Racing Ladies: (L to R) Me, Becki, and Emily

Meaghan, John and Courtney

Meaghan, John and Courtney


Ed and Becki: the Ja’arks 😛

The day after the race, two of my oldest friends, Andrés and Molly, got married to each other!!! As is my custom, I made them a special, embroidered card for their wedding. I haven’t made the exact same card for any two couples yet, so there are no spoilers in revealing this one, which I am quite proud of. Also, I’m very proud that I remembered to take a picture of it before giving it away!


Andrés and Molly’s Wedding Card

I Zentangled a heart on the inside left cover. No blank space allowed!

I Zentangled a heart on the inside left cover. No blank space allowed!

I didn’t actually take any good pictures at the wedding itself. I was way too busy have a great time. It was gorgeous though — I’m so lucky to have such great friends who come together to celebrate each other.

I had major friend withdrawal after that weekend of jam-packed awesome. However, the month of June still had exciting things in store! I already chronicled the 25th anniversary party for my friend Sue, to whom I gave the t-shirt quilt. The following weekend, I got sick, which was sad, but I still made it to my friend Jacky’s baby shower. It was great to see her — she looked wonderful and she and her husband seem so happy. That kid is going to be the smartest kid in the world. Jacky and her husband are both engineers and Jacky has worked for NASA!!!! I knit them a baby blanket for a present that I forgot to photograph. Oh well!

The very last weekend of June marked one year until my own wedding! Oren, my mom and I went to our venue to get an idea of what the foliage might look like next year on that weekend. Of course, in New Jersey all bets are off. It could be pouring and cold; it could be 99 degrees and humid. We don’t know, and we won’t know until probably the day before. However I am not worried. The place looked great and we have plenty of covered space that people can be under. You can hear the highway a little bit, since the venue is right next to it, but once there is some music playing, no one will notice. And if they do…well that’s the real soundtrack of New Jersey anyway. Just trying to keep it authentic.

Mom took some pictures of me and Oren walking around.



July was upon us before we knew it! I was looking forward to my five-day weekend for Independence Day. I took July 3 off to make it happen, and on that morning, Oren and I woke up early and went into New York to stand in line for rush tickets to see Once: The Musical. We got the second to last rush tickets (that’s when the box office sells a certain amount of cheap tickets before the show. Usually those seats have partial views, but the views are still fine and the tickets are so much cheaper!!). I really wanted to see it while Arthur Darvill was still playing the lead. He did not disappoint.

Bored waiting in line at 8:00am.

Bored waiting in line at 8:00am.

I actually ran into a girl I know from college who was waiting in line to see the musical across the street! We both recognized each other, but weren’t 100% sure. It was great to catch up.

After Oren and I got tickets we had time to kill before the matinee, so we headed uptown to my favorite museum: The Museum of Natural History. I impressed Oren with my knowledge of dinosaurs, and Oren showed me the giant squid fighting the sperm whale, which always gave him shivers as a kid. There were some cool extra exhibits that we didn’t have time to go to, including one where you apparently get to taste various food! I might have paid for it but we really didn’t have time. I contented myself with pretending to touch a triceratops.



We got home tired but very happy that day. It was a nice way to kick off a long weekend, at the end of which, Oren headed to Syracuse University for some professional development. The fact that it was at Syracuse was 100% coincidence, but still funny that he would be there a mere two weeks before my summer session. He was there for a week and then came home for just two nights before turning around to go to Los Angeles for his adventures teaching at nerd camp. I won’t see him until I meet him for our vacation in August.

After Oren flew West, I started my final week at work. And of course it was the freaking hottest week I can ever remember experiencing. Still, I made the best of it. treated myself to taking the ferry for the whole last week, which is both faster and MUCH cooler (in both senses) than taking the PATH. One day I got off the ferry behind this lady and her eccentric stockings. I surreptitiously snapped this picture:



I caught up on some knitting. I made a hippo and started a mouse (the mouse is my own design, adapted from the elephant pattern that I made before. Sorry if it’s kind of weird to see just their heads. I promise they get bodies too!).





I snapped some pictures on my final commute out of the city on Friday. That day was brutal–98 F with a 110 F heat index. I am glad that week is behind me. It was hard to say goodbye to my friends at AFS, but I know I made the right decision to move on when I did. I know I will be back in New York City, what with having so many friends there and Oren still living in our apartment, eight miles away from it…but when I watched it glide away on Friday afternoon, it felt like “goodbye.”

Bye, Lower Manhattan! This picture is at a weird angle because I didn't want to get the one random dude sitting across from me on the ferry.

Bye, Lower Manhattan! This picture is at a weird angle because I didn’t want to get the one random dude sitting across from me on the ferry.

So now I’m in Syracuse. This is my first night here in my dorm. I got here this morning for the “Technology Petting Zoo.” To be 100% honest…it was not quite as interesting as it sounded. I thought there would be a lot more petting of technology, but it was mostly listening. Still interesting, but perhaps not interesting enough to have rushed out of my apartment. Then again, my apartment felt like the seventh circle of Hell, so possibly the early start was just what I needed.

My dorm room. I love it! PS. I'm only here for four days this week. I won't be living here the whole year.

My dorm room. I love it! PS. I’m only here for four days this week. I won’t be living here the whole year.

View from my dorm room. A frat.

View from my dorm room. A frat.

Aunt Betsy surprised me with a visit on the way back from Rochester! It was just what I needed because I was getting bored in my room stressing about how I wasn’t doing any work. We walked through the rose garden and got some Starbucks.



So this will be my domain for the next year. Thanks for sticking with me through this epic post. Stay tuned for what I hope will be plenty more to come.

The Hall of Languages. Fun Fact: This university is more than 100 years YOUNGER than Rutgers, where I did my undergrad.

The Hall of Languages. Fun Fact: This university is more than 100 years YOUNGER than Rutgers, where I did my undergrad.


2 responses to “New Chapter. Page One.

  1. Loved your post!! Especially, “I thought there would be a lot more petting of technology, but it was mostly listening.” Technology Petting Zoo sounds a lot more fun that it probably really was, haha.

    Can’t wait to read more Ruthie adventures!

    • Thanks for reading an commenting, Alison! I love that we reach each other’s blogs, but have only actually hung out like one time in real life. 🙂

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