A New Look and Boston

You may have noticed a few changes around here! I’ve been meaning to update my blog’s look for a while now. The beginning of this graduate program at Syracuse will, as I suspected, have me blogging a little for class. Rather than make a whole new blog, all of my library posts will be collated in the “Library” tab above. Creative, right?

It’ll all pool in together on the proper blog page too and everything will flow into the reader, so if you aren’t interested in my library happenings, just skip those posts (or just get interested!).

After finishing my week on campus at Syracuse University for my Summer 2013 class, I rewarded myself with a weekend in Boston to see one of my favorite human beings and my all-time favorite canine. It was also the human’s birthday weekend extravaganza — we’ll call him Chris for the remainder of this post, as that is his name. His basset hound’s name is Rupert. Just wait for the adorable picture.

However, first I popped in to visit my grandparents in Rochester right after my class ended. It was great to see them and I’m looking forward to spending lots of time with them while I’m so close by at Syracuse this year. After spending the night there, I loaded up my car once more and hopped on I-90 East…and stayed there…for about 400 miles.

Chris was waiting for me at a friend’s house when I arrived in Boston. There were a bunch of guys crowded into the living room watching some kind of horror movie–I actively tried not to pay attention. Hanging out with the guys was fun, though, and it wasn’t until very late that I got to bed.

The next day Chris made a truly delicious breakfast (Rupert helped. There is a picture below.) and the rest of the day was dedicated to celebrating Chris’s 29th birthday. The main event was going out to get drinks and then attend the midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show that runs every Saturday night at the Boston Commons movie theater. Some of the guys from the horror movie the night before joined us as well. I had seen the show live already but I had never seen the traditional movie + show. If you haven’t seen it, just look it up. It’s pretty amazing and I can’t give it its due explanation here.

Needless to say, after seeing a two-hour show that began at midnight, it was another late night…which was made even worse (better?) by the fact that Chris and I stayed up chatting like 13 year olds at a slumber party so we didn’t go to sleep until 4:00am or so. Worth it.

The next day we went for one last birthday weekend meal — brunch at this place in Back Bay where the waiters wear pajamas!! It was great food as well. Post brunch, Chris and Co. went to the Science Museum where we saw an AMAZING electricity show. It was geared toward kids but I think we all learned something. I have video of it that I might post one day. The presenter was really great and they have a lot of cool equipment that can make lightning.

We were pretty tired and hungry, and nothing in the museum really measured up to the electricity show, so after a jaunt in the gift shop to appreciate the nerdy shirts, we headed out to grab a bite. After that it was time for me to spend the remaining night in Boston hanging out with Andrés and Molly (the couple that got married in my last post) at their new apartment. Andrés’s brother Diego was there too and after some food, they helped me make some paper flowers that will decorate my wedding next year.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend with friends. I was having so much fun that I don’t have a ton of pictures, but the ones I have capture the weekend pretty well.

Thanks for reading!


3 responses to “A New Look and Boston

  1. Love the new look. Hope the old look is archived somewhere! It’s a piece of your growing up!

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