An e-Gift for Mom

When I redesigned my blog a couple weeks ago, I immediately got a message from my mom, asking if I had saved the old one. It transpired that she was asking if I had archived the old header somewhere because she liked it and felt that it represented an important stage in my life.

She is, as usual, correct. I created that old header the last time I entered graduate school — at the time exploring the field of international education more thoroughly. It was also at the very beginning of learning to use Photoshop and the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite, and my skills were limited. I was proud of figuring out how to create a stamp effect, and so I memorialized not the first, but the most important stamp in my passport.

So although the focus of my studies, my Adobe skills, and some of the content of this blog have all undergone some dramatic changes, you will notice that the title of this blog remains the same. This is mostly because I am bad at titles and I can’t think of a better name. But it is also because my past travels and experiences will always be with me, adding to the new things I do, and I will never stop wanting more stamps in my passport.

Here’s my old header officially on the record. Just for you, Mom.



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