Northwest Vacation

It is high time I got around to recording the epic vacation that Oren and I took to Portland back in August. We got back and I hit the ground running finishing up work and getting ready for school. Then I didn’t have Internet at home, but did have homework, so remembering this vacation got bumped from the high priority list.

However, it is time, because this was an amazing vacation. Rather than going through it in detail, I will just do a photo dump here because I think that more effectively captures the laid back mood. We ate great food, saw some wonderful friends, went to a wedding, got back to nature and generally had a great time together. It was a wonderful way to wrap up the summer.

Click any of the photos to view them in slide show mode.

I was particularly taken with the abundant flora in Portland, so I constantly snapped pictures of flowers. Here are a handful of my favorites.


7 responses to “Northwest Vacation

    • Thanks, Andrea! I see you’ve got some recent Portland posts as well with some striking images. I look forward to checking out your work more.

  1. Is Powell’s not the coolest?! IS MULTNOMAH NOT THE FINEST?! I really like Portland. Maybe they need some librarians over there.

    • Concur across the board! The Multnomah County Library is supposed to be amazing as well. I only saw it from the outside when I was there. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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