IST605: My First Podcast

I have recorded a podcast. As a part of my coursework for my reference resources class, we were asked to review a reference resource and then record a quick lesson about it, highlighting some of its best features. We were given the choice to record a video or record a podcast, and in a move that probably surprises no one, I chose to podcast. It’s my first one ever, so be gentle.

I used Garageband to record and cut my track, which was a good learning experience. I used the microphone on my Macbook, which actually sounded exponentially better than my headset.

Overall I found the process of podcasting solo very tedious. If I podcast again in the future, I think I would prefer a more conversational style, which means recruiting some poor soul. Ultimately what I have learned is that I much prefer listening to podcasts than recording them.

Real Life: These have a terrible microphone. Shocker.

Real Life: These have a terrible microphone. Shocker.


2 responses to “IST605: My First Podcast

  1. Your choice of reference intrigued me. Well, you intrigue me in general too. I think including the Ethnicity and Nationality index for a really great potential use. I could use that to help connect and even find prominent women role models to study from in a classroom. Thanks for the (mandatory) review!

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