Autumn Life

I just spent the weekend in New Jersey. The weather was glorious, and it was a good thing too, because Oren and I had our engagement shoot at Rutgers. The Douglass campus really pulled out all the stops with the leaves and the perfect weather. I don’t think I can remember a more beautiful fall day. Even Lyndhurst looked especially gorgeous. Observe:

Lovely Lyndhurst


I drove down on Friday night and got in around 11pm. The next morning, I woke up and got all dolled up for the photo shoot:

 Me with my face on


Car shot!

It was tremendous fun. We should be seeing the photos in the next couple of weeks. If we are friends on Facebook, you may have seen a sneak peek photo already. Our photographer is Jon Lemon, of JC Lemon Photography. He was incredible and super creative — climbing trees, lying flat on the ground and even venturing down into the ravine to get the shots he wanted. I can’t wait to see how the rest came out.

Now I’m back in Syracuse. The first frost made its appearance the other day, along with the LL Bean boot truck. Apparently it drives around giving out free stuff. I got to try on boots.

photo 4


photo 5


It’s freezing here right now, so I’m sitting with a comically large cup of tea, wearing lots of knitted things, waiting for my heater to warm up my apartment. I should probably just cook something, since turning on the oven heats up the apartment nicely.

photo 1

I’m entering the home stretch of the semester which means group projects and papers galore. I’ll probably still be blogging for class though, so until next time!


8 responses to “Autumn Life

  1. Yay engagement photos!!! I can’t wait to see them. Funny story: Jon was the second shooter at our wedding for our photographer, Katie Jane of Katie Jane Photography. He’s AMAZING (but I’m sure you already know that). Small world!

  2. You look so beautiful in your dolled up car picture!! Can’t wait to see the engagement photos. Also, if you are thinking of getting some L.L. Bean boots after your encounter with the truck, totally do it. I have had by L.L. Bean hiking boots for 10 years now and they are still in perfect condition. Enjoy your hilarious quantities of tea!

    • Thanks, Molly! You’re so sweet. I’m definitely investing in some LL Bean boots. The boot mobile gave me a 20% off coupon. 🙂

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