IST663 Module 3: Mnemonic Device

This week we had one extra mini task assignment. We were asked to create a mnemonic device to help students remember “something important.” I’m not great at pulling these things out of thin air. I think the assignment would have been easier for me if we had been working with a specific library subject. However, I’ve done my best.

It’s really important for school libraries staffed by only one person to stay on top of library organization. It would be advantageous to have all of the library users operating with the same rules, one of which would be the age-old rule of not reshelving library books in case they are put in the wrong place. Hence the mnemonic for elementary schoolers:

When you take a book from the shelf,
DON’T replace it yourself!

Feature image via Flickr user shauser, used with permission under Creative Commons license


One response to “IST663 Module 3: Mnemonic Device

  1. Ruth, I like this one – it’s simple, easy to remember, and it’s a rhyming couplet! It’s definitely a great reminder for young students in the library and a nice idea to instill early on in their library experiences.

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