About Ruth

Ruth-PortraitPerhaps this small paragraph will paint a better picture of me than this entire blog of self-definition. I was born, raised and educated in New Jersey as a part of a very multicultural family. I was raised to value making plans, education and being sensible…so I went to Australia on exchange. Twice. In between I also studied abroad in Spain–one of the most challenging things I have done…so far! Everywhere I have lived, I have found people who have made me redefine and question the distinction between family and friends.

I like to make and create things. Be sure to check out the photos of my various projects on the sub-menus on the top left. Some of my projects include knitting, singing, writing and, probably above everything else, learning.

I’m not sure what exactly I want to do with my life, but I believe that in this, I am not alone. Also I think I might be on the right track. I am studying to become a teacher-librarian and information specialist. I’ll hopefully get there in another couple of years.